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Amesbury Hardware Products SHARP recognition


Back: Mark Clements, Ben Mercer, Joy Mercer, Darrin Kirkpatrick, Roland Trottier, John Honey, Jim Gates, Scott Page
Front: Roxy Lindemann, Emily Sutton, Steve Brennan, Julie Sprecher and Joy Hudelson 

Sioux Falls, SD — January 9, 2012 --- Amesbury Hardware Products in Sioux Falls, SD has been recognized as a SHARP work site. SHARP, which stands for Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, recognizes work sites that show an exemplary safety and health management program. Amesbury partnered with OSHA consultants out of South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings, SD to achieve this goal.

For three years the Amesbury Hardware Products-Sioux Falls plant has been working to achieve this goal. It has been a focus for all employees. “Everyone at Amesbury is striving to get this award,” says Scott Page, Director of Safety & Health. “This award is an achievement of status that singles out Amesbury amongst its business peers as a model for worksite safety and health”. Amesbury has a strong history of safety. This Sioux Falls plant is the fourth Amesbury site to achieve the SHARP status. Currently there are 16 SHARP sites in the state of South Dakota, the two Amesbury Hardware plants in Sioux Falls being two of the sixteen. Upon receiving SHARP recognition, OSHA exempts the work site from OSHA programmed inspections during the period of the SHARP certification

As a partner with Amesbury, SDSU does inspections of the floor and record keeping. They do a thorough examination of the plant and its records. For example, the look to make sure things are guarded properly, exits are clearly marked, evacuation plans are in place, and they interview employees to find if they feel safe in the workplace.

Employee health and safety is of greatest priority at Amesbury. SHARP recognition is a reward for everyone’s efforts. 

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