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Amesbury Sealing Products, Foam-Tite® location, is proud to offer an advancement to their patented Foam-Tite®process with C2 Continuous Seal. C2 is a kerf mounted foam product specifically designed for casement window applications. Engineered to solve problems associated with hard welds and poorly mitered joints, C2 runs continuously through all four corners of a casement window eliminating the need for mitering or welding entirely, which means no leaks and reduced closing force! C2 products are comprised of the same time tested TPV materials that are used in the standard Foam-Tite product line. Because C2 is a spooled product, it eliminates the need for stocking numerous cut lengths and is available in various shapes, sizes and UV stable colors.

Please contact Foam-Tite’s Customer Service and Sales staff for more information at 800-217-5757 

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