Door Weather Seals / T Slot Mount Seals

Screen Doors

Stability and Strength provide us the ability to remain flexible in a changing environment. We offer a combination of short lead times, small to large lots and customizable solutions.

T Slot Mount Seals

Pile Seals

Woven and extruded pile weatherstripping with or without fin provides a very effective barrier against air, water, dust and noise; sealing against even and uneven surfaces with resistance to abrasion. The pile fibers are resistant to acid, alkaline, mold, mildew and corrosion as well as being silicone treated to repel water. The pile and fins are stabilized to exceed AAMA Class A requirements.

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Skirting Angle Pile

Innovation in insect penetration has arrived. Angle Pile consists of durable, weather resistant monofilament polypropylene fibers which secure the screen in the guide against wind pressure. 35 and 45 degree angles available.

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