Door Weather Seals / Pocket Mount Seals

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Pocket Mount Seals

Foam-Tite® Foam Seals

Foam-Tite® seals are engineered and built with thermoplastic vulcanizates to provide high quality and long life service in the most demanding conditions.

Sealing Products - 800.217.5757 - Amesbury, MA

Pocket Pile

Pile weatherstripping is composed of durable polypropylene fibers with or without an integral center fin .Pile height specified with order.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY

Q-LON® foam seals

Open-cell urethane foam core and clad in an embossed polyethylene. Compression seal in various shapes. UV stabilized, paint resistant liner.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY


Polypropylene pile thermally fused directly in the extrusion for positive, permanent attachment. The copolymer bead provides for superior flexibility and pliability for easy insertion and excellent rigidity for shape retention. This product is wound onto larger core reels to help prevent curling which is common when wound on smaller reels.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY