Window Weather Seals / Surface Mount Seals

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Make use of our customizable solutions to streamline your manufacturing process. Our combined expertise in window and door manufacturing can be a valuable commodity in your production.

Surface Mount Seals

Adhesive Back Pile

Pressure sensitive tapes are available for woven pile weatherstripping. Tapes available are a foamed tape with an aggressive rubber-based adhesive or a non-foam tape. Both tape types are protected with coated kraft paper.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY

Hollow TPE Bulb Seals

Extruded Polypropylene and TPE Hollow Bulb.

Extruded Products - 800.632.1498 - Cannon Falls, MN

Metal Back

Metal Back Pile- Woven pile weatherstripping with aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel carriers.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY


Extruded polypropylene seals, adhesive back compression seals

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY

Q-LON® foam seals

Open-cell urethane foam core and clad in an embossed polyethylene, compression seal. Various shapes available with or without tape. UV stabilized, paint resistant liner.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY

Specialty Pile Seals

Woven pile weatherstripping with or without fin customized to meet specific requirements; available with or without adhesive and chopped or kiss cut.  Ideal for eliminating gaps in manufacturing.

Sealing Products - 888.275.0051 - Statesville, NC

Specialty Textile Corner Pads

Woven pile weatherstripping with Polypropylene backing available with or without tape. Woven pile weatherstripping with Coated soft back available with or without Hot Melt.

Schlegel - 800.586.0354 - Rochester, NY