Transportation / Overview

On the Move With New Technologies and Applications

Schlegel develops and manufactures hundreds of products within three core technology categories:

  • Urethane Foam - with continuous forming and multiple finishing products to produce window and door weather seals.
  • Textiles - produced by weaving, knitting and tufting, Schlegel has multiple textile finishing and fabrication capabilities to produce brushes, trim, and weather seals.
  • Extruded plastics technologies - allows Schlegel to manufacture flat die extruded profiles, dual durometer capabilities and embedded profiles.

From window stabilizers and anti-vibration parts to Spray Suppressant skirting, edge trim, and sunroof seals, Schlegel's Transportation Division covers products and applications within the automotive, aerospace, tractor, boating and recreational vehicle industries.

In addition, Schlegel will work with you to develop and manufacture customized products that meet specific needs.